Military Women

Female military knowledge, experience with the basic training has been the easiest of the transformations they face in the army. This experience clearly more difficult when you arrive at the station first duty, not only professionally but also socially. Military may be cruel to women in the military. Military women are supposed to serve men, but women keep their Idealogy. How women can fill that bar unfair? I was not able to improve this attribute unfair, and amazingly, I still have trouble with this until today and I left the army for some time.

Military WomenNaturally, the military, soldiers must prove to the troops around them to ensure compliance, but women have respect for difficult to achieve in various aspects. Military women are "damned if they do, damned if they do not. Military women are expected when men act always women. If a woman does not work in the company of men of quality, it bears called "weak". If a woman needs to do military standards compliance, it is called "dyke" or some other nasty nickname, the military put online.

Social sites can be difficult, and for active duty military women. Military are loved and society where women are in the military more time does not even recognize even remembered honored. Military does not have problems of civil society and women with a pleasant social life. Women will find many obstacles to the maintenance of social life to find the partner or dating.

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